Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Blogger Tips: Why Comment Box is not working

A few days ago, I have not been able to comment on my own Blogger blog or other's Blogger blogs when using my preferred browser, Chrome and Brave. I did try using Microsoft edge but the browser keep repeat me to log in the blogger when I push publish button.

So I do some research to find out what the solutions and how to fix this problem. Apparently, this problem has been at least over a year that many blogger users are facing this problem. For more information about why this problem occurs you guys can read Support Google and how to fix it, here--> Scratch The Web

Unfortunately, I try the solutions from the Scratch The Web and is not working.The only solution that works is I need to change comment feature by using full page comment or popup window, so I can comment to my blog, and I can only comment to the blog that using this feature (full page or popup window). As we know or maybe only me, I do not like to use pop-up or full page, because this two features I need to edit my code to get nested or thread comment (which is I do not know how, and maybe we cannot change [my homework] ). Because I really want to use embedded comment feature, and yes I found the solution!. 

1. If you read from the Scratch The Web, we need to clear all the cookies from our browser. block all third party cookies. But since not work on me.
2. So I decided to uninstall my google chrome and brave browser, and installed it back. 
3. And Tadaa , my comment box is working back !

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