Happy Birthday To Me !

Hi guys! Today is 15 January 2019 and I'm officially 20 years old! Still young right? hehehe 

So before I sembang apa I rasa bila dah 20 , let's recall memory one day before I become 20!

I just want to share with you guys the day before my birthday, I hang out with my friend, Misato from Japan. At first, I felt so awkward because I did not know what kind of activities that I supposed to do with her ( this is because I am a really really really bored person, I only hang out to the mall if I want to go to the Watson or Guardian. So boring right ?? I know it haha) . So I asked Misato to decide anything I will follow everything.  So Misato decides that we should go eat sushi and watch a movie! And guess what, we did something crazy at Watson.

misato and me !

Misato always said "Nadia you are 20 now, you should wear makeup, not a heavy makeup but ya with makeup you will be more beautiful!" and after that, she brought me to Watson and yes she makeover me! hahaha. I feel so shy ya but why not? Do new things but not too much. It is about 30 minutes I guess, and the result is .....

I think it still the same as before but ya still I feel the different haha at my lips(obviously). So yea, I think I need to watch more makeup tutorial from Japan or Korea because it is so simple! So what is your favorite makeup? Share with me, please :)

And after movie, Misato ask me " What you feel right now as you are 20 ?". This is an emotional question.  and I answered her " Afraid because I think the more your age, the more challenges wait for you. I'm scared and wondered Am I gonna be okay ? or I can't handle everything? Or Am I enough strong for this future?. I just hope that I can be strong and I want to focus to love myself first and be happy!"

So yea today I am officially 20, and what I hope is I'm gonna be okay. I dapat harungi cabaran . I kuat. and yes the most important is I want to focus on myself cause I believe I deserved to be happy! 
dan harini  I sampai rumah I salam mak dan abah I, dan tiada perkara paling indah bila dengan mak dan abah ucap selamat hari lahir :) 

Lastly, to all January babies, I wish you guys Happy Birthday, May God bless you, May God ease you. I wish you had the best birthday celebration!

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