Sunday, July 29, 2018


Hi and Assalamualaikum bloggerians!.
Actually,  this should be my second post,  but I have deleted my first post so yaa,  this gonna be my first post (urgh so complicated😪).
Let me tell yall about me a litt be (even though I already made a page about The author and blog) hehe.  So Im Nadia (hmm awkwardnya).  I just finished my foundation in science and right now im waiting for UPU result (it is tomorrow gaisss,  huu nervous).  I hope we all get what we want ok. (Amin).  
So ya,  Im a bit upset because I lambat dapat hidayah untuk kembali ke zaman blog dan rasa sedih sebab dah habiskan masa yang begitu lama hanya duduk di rumah dan terperap dalam bilik.  No movies no hangout with friends.. Only room.  REALLY BORING RIGHT?.  And  I dont even have a time to learn driving (I already have driving license  but LAST TIME I DRIVE A CAR IS DURING JPJ)  from that moment I get P and I do not drive anymore.  Sometimes I feel so stress and jealous  bila tengok member member lain boleh drive pergi ke kedai , senang takyah susah kan parents.  Kalau keluar semua mcm onzz teruk je.  So time cuti ni kadang kadang I nak bagi bluetick je dekat member yang ajak hangout (but I appreciate okay because ada juga orang ingat I) (thankyou beb sebab ajar I walaupun I kadang kadang tak layan). Btww,  you guys yang parents percaya and give yall drive.  Yall should blessed 😇. Yelah daripada duduk rumah dan tak boleh explore.
One more think,  I recently moved home from town to a village area,  and guess what?  There is no public transport here.  The nearest public transport from my home is 12++km.  Urghh.  Dalam kata erti lain NO HANGOUTS,  NO PART-TIME WORK(NO MONEY 😭😭😭). i sedih part tak boleh kerja tu. Yelah time macam ni student macam kita akan mula nak kumpul duit untuk beli keperluan. And I dont haveeeeeeee money!. .

But because I love  money,  I join to be dropship Milala Attire by selling their scarf and blouse and palazzo.  Come and buy from me (my igshop @nadiajamhari_) . Im also sell soap for cleanser if yall tengah cari new cleaser yall boleh tengok dekat my 2nd ig shop (second ig shop @nadia.) . Okay done promote!. 

Okay thats all.  I hope in future I can improve myself on writing new post InsyaAllah. 

P/s: goodluck people for UPU result.  All the best! 

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