Thursday, April 2, 2020

Coding: Day 2 : Basic CSS

Hi! Alhamdulillah, Finally  I can continue my freecodecamp  again! [Warning: if you understand html and css you can click read more !]

On day 2, I learned basic CSS. I learn how to change colour of the text, how to change the type of text. I also learned in CSS; we will do backup if the ‘style’ is not available in the browser [I’m talking about the font-type]. In the basic CSS, I learn how to override few CSS and the most amazing part is I never know that we can do PENGUIN (or anything) by using CSS!

Look at the cute penguin ! The most excited is by using CSS also can make the penguin wave, I never know css can do that ! 

After learning basic CSS, I try few CSS that I think suitable for the blog, such as how to do easy border-radius like at my “holla” sidebar [Look how I put the border around my image!]. I’m so excited even though, it’s only uses “border-radius:50%;” but still, I want to appreciate my effort! I am using the template from the blogger, and I change little bit from the code, such as the colour of background because this template would never ever give a change for u guys to change the background. Other than that, I change the code by put advance CSS for my tabs, look I can make dropdown menu! [again, I took this almost 2 months to make sure the html and CSS are suitable for the blogger]. I’m so happy I can apply what I learn to my blog!

CANT WAIT ANOTHER 98 days! [so Long ]

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